BackStab HD

BackStab HD 1.2.6

Assassin's Creed with a pirate twist!


  • Excellent graphics
  • Many and varied missions
  • Epic storyline


  • Cumbersome controls

Very good

BackStab HD is a swash-buckling open world game, where you must take on pirates in a historical adventure.

You play the role of Henry Blake, an English soldier betrayed and imprisoned by Spanish troops. Your mission in BackStab HD is to rescue your kidnapped wife and destroy your enemies. Along the way you'll need to run around constantly battling opponents with sword and musket, scale walls and rooftops and use your powers of stealth.

The gameplay in BackStab HD feels very much like Assassin's Creed, though the well-scripted action has a very Pirates of the Caribbean feel to it. There's plenty of variety in terms of the missions and scenarios to keep your interest.

Controls in BackStab HD are based around an on-screen directional pad in the bottom left, coupled with a camera that's rotated by moving your finger around the screen. It's not the most perfect solution, and occasionally you'll find the camera drifting away somewhere you didn't want, or Blake suddenly deciding to climb up a wall on his own.

The 3D graphics in BackStab HD are excellent, and like most Gameloft games, have a very PS2 feel to them. Rays of light, burning buildings, reflections in water all help to give BackStab HD a solid and tangible feel.

BackStab HD is an adventure game that's a lot of fun if you're willing to persist with the somewhat clunky controls.

Several bugs fixed. More devices supported.


  • Several bugs fixed. More devices supported.
BackStab HD


BackStab HD 1.2.6

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